Questions & Answers

Yes you too can ‘ask the dental team’

In our ongoing program to make our office part of your health care family we are here to answer those simple or tough dental questions such as:

  1. I want to know if my boyfriend has a denture without asking?
  2. My girl friend says her dentist is the only one in the valley who can do the work.
  3. I don’t want silver fillings in the back – what are my choices?
  4. Can bad gums lead to heart problems?
  5. How does flouride work?
  6. Is that really a baby tooth at his age?  or is that an adult tooth at 6?

You ask the question and our team will get the answer back to you in 7 days or less, no names needed and we will never print your name in the answer. However please feel free to call Nancy if you want a voice to answer your question. If she doesn’t know the answer,she will get it from our team of pros.
Ask the team – get the answer!!!!!!!!